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New facae


We are pleased to welcome Katrin Krauß as a new member of Flautando Köln.

Katrin Krauß

Katrin, who has been playing with us over the last ten years whenever one of us had a baby, was always an enthusiastic enhancement to the group. Now she will permanently take over from Katharina Hess, who has decided to withdraw from concert life in order to have more time for her family and educational projects.

We look back gratefully on 25 wonderfully fulfilling years spent with Katharina !

At the same time we are looking forward to the coming years with Katrin, to new ideas, creative and inspiring rehearsals, exciting concerts ....

After the transition phase, in which both Katharina and Katrin will be working with us, the official handing over of the baton’ will take place at our jubilee concert, 25 YEARS OF FLAUTANDO KÖLN, in 2015. The concert takes place on June 7, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. in the broadcasting station WDR, Funkhaus am Wallraffplatz in Cologne.

New Video

The official video now on YouTube:

New Media

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Our new CD NEULAND, according to our concert program, was produced at the WDR broadcasting hall in Cologne. It is now available on CD. The program features songs by Kurt Weill, Jazz arrangements as well as music by Claude Debussy, Jan Rokyta, Ryohei Hirose and Albrecht Maurer.

Until 10th March 2013 you can order the CD for only 15 Euro + 3 EUR shipping cost. Please place your order by sending your e-mail address to:

For this production, our newest instruments, subbass and grandbass by Küng, came to use for the first time.

Bei dieser Produktion kamen auch unsere neuesten Instrumente von denen wir sehr begeistert sind, Subbass und Großbass der Firma Küng, erstmalig zum Einsatz.

This time, our sympathetic and very competent co-players are Albrecht Maurer, violin and gothic fiddle, Torsten Müller, percussion and Tilman Schmidt, double bass.

Albrecht lead us further on the way of improvisation. His tracks, which are challenging through their free improvisation for solo and also for ensemble, are "Neuland" (unknown territory) and joy for us.
>> Sneak Preview into the program

Sneak preview:

Albrecht Maurer – Excerpt from „Loose“ for recorders and violin/fiddle (live recording from the UA in the Cologne Music Night 2010)

Jan Rokyta – Balkanology – recording of a concert in San Luis Potosí, Mexiko 2010

New release

We are happy to present the new release of " Balkanolgy" by Jan Rokyta - published within our series at Edition Tre Fontane:
This fantastic piece is included on our new CD "Neuland".

ETF 2094


Some of our arrangements are published at Tre Fontane publishing:

Flautando Köln presents:

Edition Tre Fontane
John Playford (1623-1686)
„The bonny Broome“ + „Pall Mall“
from "The Dancing Master 1651-1728“
arranged for four recorders
ETF 2146