The press on Flautando Köln

“The dynamic range with which they played William Byrd’s 'Sermone Blando' or John Playford’s 'The Bonny Broom' was breathtaking. Their purity of intonation, which could not have been more perfect, stood out and was completely dazzling…As if all that was not enough for anyone, the ensemble had another surprise up their sleeve: in the Five Canzone from the Spanish court, Ursula Thelen shone with a dreamy, beautiful, multi-faceted voice, whose richness was always equal to the recorders.”
(Mosel-Musikfestival, Trierischer Volksfreund, 14.09.2009)

“Many of the audience have asked 'Only recorder-players?' Instead of the question mark, one could put an exclamation mark: 'Only recorder-players!'"
(Kölner Stadtanzeiger, 2006)

“The ladies from the recorder quartet Flautando Köln are considered the best recorder-players.”
(Welt am Sonntag, 2001)

“The stunning different sound colours, set in different registers, the range of dynamic development and the consistency of secure intonation were a wonder ... Have you ever heard J.S. Bach’s Kontrapunkt 9 from 'The Art of Fugue' played so breathtakingly?”
(Volksstimme, Halberstädter Tageblatt, 2005)

“By the third encore, there wasn’t anyone left sitting down in the audience. The enthusiastic, minutelong applause for the group 'Flautando Köln' could have gone on and on…Moreover they all achieved artistic perfection, and they brought joy to the audience with their music, something which unfortunately often takes a back seat in today’s music business.”
(Neue Westfälische, 2005)

The four ladies of the renowned Flautando Köln quickly dispelled any concern that a recorder quartet might be unsuitable for a New Year’s Pops concert. With highly virtuosic unison playing, notably in a fast-paced, demanding piece from the 14th century ... they immediately convinced even recorder-sceptics of the suitability of such an ensemble for this concert spectacle. As the performance went on, they revealed that to be in the Recorder Premier League, more is needed than nimble fingers and tongues ... through their amazing ability of changing sound colours, they produced an immense richness of sonorities ...”
(Sindelfinger Zeitung, 03.01.2009)

“I found their playing beautiful and I found the cuckoo-song beautiful.”
(Concert review by Caroline Günther, 8 years old)

“…such vital, lively, joyful recorder music wins you over.”
(Abendzeitung München, 23.2.2002)

“In this recording, Flautando Köln succeed in squaring the circle through the combination of extremely expressive, lyrical playing with musically intelligent, clear and nuanced articulation! ... the Pavanes by Byrd, Holborne, Dowland and A. Bassano played in the most different registers proves irresistible to the listener – the melodic lines are shaped in such a beautiful and sonorous way ...”
(Windkanal 3.2009 by Martin Heidecker)

"Flautando Köln played ... the recorder to perfection. The rapport between the four recorder-players was a dream.”
( 21.02.2009)

“... fresh, elegant, sensitive, precise and full of charm ...”
(Luxemburger Wort, 15.9.2009)

„…a swinging Recorder Quartet of world format.“
(Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag, 2011)

"They are the most charming guardians of the image of the recorder."
(Peiner Allgemeine Zeitung, 2010)

„After only a few sounds one became aware that this quartet is playing music at the highest level and with continuous technical presence.“
(Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag, 2011)

„'Fabulous!' was already exclaimed during the break."
"In homogeneous, so perfect interaction the four recorder players reveal their love of music.“„Sagenhaft!“ war schon in der Pause zu hören“

(BergedorferZeitung, 2011)

„The concert startet stunningly with the recorder quartet Flautando Köln ... one can already look forward to more concerts with the ensemble in the region ...“
(Cellische Zeitung, 2012)

„... perfect interaction ... soft, round, straight to the heart ... hard to beat.“
(Göttinger Tageblatt, 2012)