4 Women - 40 Instruments - The Recorder Quartet Flautando Köln

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Katrin Krauß-Brandi - Susanne Hochscheid - Ursula Thelen - Kerstin de Witt

Four women

Forty recorders

30 years of unique concert experiences

The four sympathetic musicians have been guarantors of the finest musical culture for almost 30 years, open to new works as well as imaginative in the "rediscovery" of well-known compositions.

from: Westfälische Nachrichten, 2019


"Kaleidoskop" on the radio (WDR 3)

On the 16th of February 2020 we'll play our programme "Kaleidoskop" in the Kulturhaus Lüdenscheid. This concert will be recorded and on the 5th of March broadcasted. Listen to WDR 3 from 20:04 until 22:00h!

We are happy to welcome Susanna Borsch as a new member!

From February 2020, Susanna will be playing in our quartet. She will replace Katrin Krauß-Brandi, who will dedicate herself to other projects she has planned for the future. We thank Katrin for five enriching years and are very much looking forward to working together, and developing new, beautiful projects with Susanna!

Best wishes Katrin, Kerstin, Susanna, Susanne and Ursula

CD Kaleidoskop cover
CD Kaleidoskop cover

new CD!

Our new CD "Kaleidoskop" has been released by conditura records. A diverse mix of styles through genres, countries and centuries. Here you can listen to the CD and find all other information.


Buy CD at conditura.de

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