4 Women - 40 Instruments - The Recorder Quartet Flautando Köln

Stadttheater Bocholt

Groove, Sound... and Silence

A moving programme with percussionist Torsten Müller as guest

music by Satie, Caldini, Pärt mixed with traditional tunes

Forty recorders, marimbaphone, drumset, lots of percussion, and added to all that, the much praised voice of the soprano Ursula Thelen – in this programme we wander from the seventeenth century alleys of London, via a fifties Jazz stage to a smoke filled Irish pub. And even then the journey is not yet at an end….. Flautando Köln and the percussionist Torsten Müller play music that goes straight to the heart and sets feet tapping. An evening with meditative moments and groove in equal parts – the sort of rhythm that sweeps everyone along with it.

“When the technically excellent ensemble plays with such breathtaking dynamism and Torsten Müller joins in with his syncopations on all the percussion instruments, one can’t help tapping one’s foot and wanting to get up and dance.” ( www.klassik.com)