4 Women - 40 Instruments - The Recorder Quartet Flautando Köln

Altmark Festspiele

Friendship, that's like home

as guest: Heikko Deutschmann reads texts by Kurt Tucholksy

Arrangements türkischer, schwedischer, irischer oder dänischer Volklieder bis hin zu Musik von Erik Satie.

Friendship is like home - this is how Kurt Tucholsky describes his great longing for reliability in the summer story "Gripsholm Castle": To have friends in whose presence you feel safe and loved. To know people you can count on in any situation.

Friendship can overcome borders and thus create a home of a special kind. Because home has many faces. And different ones for each of us. Yet home does not only stand for a place, but we experience it as the opposite of being foreign.

For Flautando Köln, this is music. Whether it's a cheerful 17th-century London street song or fugues by Johann Sebastian Bach - the four musicians always find a musical language that feels familiar, even with their own refined arrangements of Turkish, Danish or Irish or other folklore.

But Flautando Köln also illuminates the search for security and the longing to arrive in this programme. This is what the "Swirling leaves" by the Canadian composer Racheal Cogan stand for. Her music allows us to experience the feeling of homelessness through the example of swirling leaves.

But home has nothing to do with national feelings; on the contrary, Flautando Köln makes music for a home that knows no boundaries - neither temporal nor spatial. Chamber music world music at its best.

In this way, this music can contribute to overcoming the nationalism that is rampant everywhere with an understanding of homeland that merges into universal music. And that would certainly be in the spirit of Kurt Tucholsky.