4 Women - 40 Instruments - The Recorder Quartet Flautando Köln

Burghofspiele Eltville

"Mais tout parle d'amour"

Ballads that talk about love

With works by Landini, Weill, Telemann, Monteclair, Bach a.o.

"But everything speaks of love"

An inexhaustible theme, topical at all times, which has left wonderful sounding traces in the history of music. And of course it is - then as now - about great feelings. The popular melodies from the Middle Ages to the Baroque tell of consuming devotion, of separation and reunion, jealousy and the oath of fidelity, of ardent passion and deadly force. Folk melodies from Turkey and Claude Debussy's impressionistic gems are also full of all that the heart is full of. Flautando Köln sweeps the dust from the centuries-old scores with downright infectious liveliness. More than 30 different recorders are used in their exciting experiments with sound colour. Highest precision and an astonishingly homogeneous, sometimes organ-like sound are the trademark of the four excellent wind players, who surprise again and again with unusual performance concepts. In this context, a singing recorder player is certainly one of the special features of the charming formation from Cologne, and she too - how could it be otherwise - speaks of love.