4 Women - 40 Instruments - The Recorder Quartet Flautando Köln

Blockflötenfesttage in Bad Kissingen

Light and darkness

as guest: Holger Schäfer - harp, voice, recorder and narrator

about angles and devils in music

In our programme we explore the fascination of the supernatural and the eternal tension between light and darkness, good and evil, with works from the Middle Ages to the Baroque. We combine these with small excursions into contemporary music, such as the piece "Vuur" (Fire) by the Belgian composer Pieter Campo, composed for Renaissance recorders. A fairy tale by the American-Lebanese poet and philosopher Khalil Gibran is heard as a connection. The story of Lucifer and the Wise Man poetically tells of the polarity of good and evil that explains and holds the world together. We have invited the harpist, singer, recorder player and storyteller Holger Schäfer as a guest for this programme, who not only narrates and musically illustrates this story, but also accompanies us in some of the musical pieces.