4 Women - 40 Instruments - The Recorder Quartet Flautando Köln

Julius der Flötenspieler

In this interactive concert program for children, the central figure "Julius" takes the children on a thrilling journey through the centuries, distant countries and the world of music, just like in a music theater. Together with him they will meet medieval minstrels, Johann Sebastian Bach, a Japanese monk, a bird song expert, get to know the different recorders and much more. Julius is curious and alert, he asks many questions and encourages the children to do the same. So a lively dialogue develops in which the children learn a lot about music. The other three musicians repeatedly slip into different roles at this concert and actively involve the children in the action.

The selected pieces of music illuminate many facets of the music. There are rousing medieval dancers' dances but also meditative sounds that encourage quiet listening. The children experience how instruments can imitate animal sounds, they learn playfully what a fugue is or learn that it does not matter who can play the fastest.

Works by J.S.Bach, Ryohei Hirose, Heinrich Isaac, Antonio de Cabezón and others are performed. on more than 30 recorders of different sizes and types. Playing time approx. 1 hour For children from 6 years