4 Women - 40 Instruments - The Recorder Quartet Flautando Köln


Loose - easy, unpacked, free ...

The project with Albrecht Maurer was created in 2010 on the occasion of the 6th Cologne Music Night.

Press Release

For the 6th Cologne Music Night, Flautando Köln and Albrecht Maurer met for the first time on the stage of St.Andreas in Cologne. After virtuoso logistics and the intensive use of the Navis, the musicians met in various cities for concerts and on bridge days to realize the play "Loose" by Albrecht Maurer. The result is a fascinating journey between the worlds of New Music, Ancient Music and World Music. The boundaries are fluid and the journey goes a few times to the open ocean of improvisation.

Flautando Cologne plays unleashed, emotional and thrills both Albrecht Maurer and the audience. Loose becomes a win-win situation, an experience for everyone.

In the first part of the concert program Flautando Köln plays the famous Saltarello from the 14th century, especially for recorder quartet arranged arrangements of Turkish folk songs and Balkanology by Jan Rokyta. As a juxtaposition, Albrecht Maurer presents his solo improvisations Metalog and Tidal Flux. In the second part Flautando Köln and Albrecht Maurer will play together the composition "LOOSE" by Albrecht Maurer.