4 Women - 40 Instruments - The Recorder Quartet Flautando Köln

Gelsenkirchen KeK

Santiago in your heart

as guest: Heikko Deutschmann reads texts from Hape Kerkeling's book "Ich bin dann mal weg"

Spanish music of the renaissance along the pilgrims' path to Santiago de Compostela

Santiago in your heart A special kind of pilgrimage with music and texts from: "Ich bin dann mal weg" by Hape Kerkeling, read by Heikko Deutschmann

Reflection, inner contemplation, the search for order in life - the motives for a pilgrimage are as numerous as they are varied. Whether to Santiago da Compostela or to another destination, it is always about the process of changing oneself on the way. The inner as well as the outer rucksack may have weighed heavy at the beginning, but it can feel completely different at the redemptive destination. Flautando Köln also musically depicts this inner journey in its new programme, combining music from the pilgrim road to Santiago de Compostela with texts from Hape Kerkeling's "Ich bin dann mal weg". While the medieval song of St. Jacob begins with the words “Wer das Elent bauen will", Diego Ortiz's "Recercadas" sound much more confident after reaching the goal with their radiant sound language and rousing rhythms. The musicians devote themselves to all these intimate as well as virtuoso aspects, as always with musical passion and technical perfection, completed by the soprano voice of Ursula Thelen, and the wonderful voice of Heikko Deutschmann.