4 Women - 40 Instruments - The Recorder Quartet Flautando Köln


Friendship is like home– this is how Kurt Tucholsky describes his great longing for trustworthiness. Flautando Köln was inspired by these thoughts from his book ‘Schloss Gripsholm’ to reflect personally upon the theme of our times: home and the feeling of belonging. This theme has many facets - different ones for each person. In this programme, the musicians travel, musically speaking, to the most varying of countries in Europe - and yet it has nothing to do with national feelings. In the foreground is a homeland without borders of time or space. Stretching from the music of Johann Sebastian Bach via Erik Satie up to Turkish and Danish folktunes : world chamber music.

Homeland Variation 1 : Flautando Köln ‘pure’

Homeland Variation 2 : Flautando Köln with Heikko Deutschmann The actor Heikko Deutschman gives voice to the words of Tucholsky and reads selected texts, musically framed and commented on by Flautando Köln.

Homeland Variation 3: Flautando Köln plus Percussion The percussionist Thorsten Müller enriches this programme with an Irish Bodhran, a Turkish Darabuka and many other traditional instruments.